Ultrafine Merino Company


Bloodlines predominately Merryville.

The Ultrafine Merino Company (JV Ultra Fine) aim is to be a market leader in reducing micron while holding fleece weight and body weight.

In the early 1980’s, in partnership with Agresearch, 12 properties screened their flocks for the finest ewes.

  • Ewes were screened in succeeding years until the introduced ewes were no longer fine enough and the flock was closed.
  • The nucleus was run on Tara Hills Research Station until 2008 when it was shifted to Earnscleugh.
  • We continually search for outside genetics but have not found any fine enough in the last 10 years.
  • As the Earnscleugh Ultrafine flock is closely related there is now some swapping of genetics.
  • A search of the MERINO SELECT Australasian breeding values site will show most of the top 150
  • Sires trait leaders for micron are either JV Ultra fine or Earnscleugh.
  • Rams are sold by marble draw to shareholders and then surplus rams are available to outside buyers.


Our aim is to reduce micron, hold fleece weight and body weight, and increase staple strength.
The wool type aim is a free growing, sheeny, nourished, stylish and with good crimp definition.


STUD EWES. (mixed age 2 tooth & older.)

Micron. 14.3
GFW 4.11 kg (Excluding crutching’s & 2 tooths only 10 months wool)
LW 56 to 63 kg average. 2 tooths 50 to 55.


  1.  ASBV’s with Merino Select, Australia.
  2. All lambs recorded to sire and dam.
  3. Wool weights and micron recorded every year. Plus 15 months on sale rams.
  4.  Staple strength on 11 month shearing.
  5. WEC tested.Merino Select
  6. Scrotal Measurements.
  7. Footrot and Cold tolerance DNA tested. Sires and selected sale rams.
  8. Ewes classed every year by Sandy MacKirdy, Hamilton, Victoria.
  9. Ewes kept on as high a plane of feeding as possible to prevent hunger fineness affecting selection decisions.