Merino Super Fine and Fine


The stud was formed in 1988 with purchases of ewes from the Glen Leith
dispersal and annual draft ewes from various other studs.
All foundation ewes were Merryville bloodlines.
In the superfine’s bloodlines are still predominately Merryville and in the
fine’s a Nerstane, Merryville cross.


Our aim in the superfine’s is to reduce micron and increase wool weight, staple
strength and lambing percentage and in the fines hold micron increase wool
weight and lambing percentage.
The wool type aim is a sheeny, nourished, longstapled, deep crimping and
freegrowing wool with Superfine’s pushing length and crimp frequency right
up to the limits dictated by the Italian market and Fine’s heavy cutting and
suitable for Ice Breaker contracts.


Micron 16.87
GFW 5.37 kg(excluding crutchings & 2 tooths only 10 months wool.)


  1. ASBV’s with Merino Select, Australia.
  2.  All lambs recorded to sire and dam.
  3. Wool weights and micron recorded every year. Plus 15 months on sale rams.
  4. Staple strength on 11 month shearing.
  5. WEC tested.
  6. Scrotal Measurements.Merino Select
  7. Footrot and Cold tolerance DNA tested. Sires and selected sale rams.
  8. Commercial 2 tooth ewes screened and top performance and type ewes
    (approx. 1%) brought into progeny testing group. These ewes sires are
    identified by DNA.
  9. Ewes classed every year by Sandy MacKirdy, Hamilton, Victoria.