Earnscleugh Merino Poll


Poll section started in 2000 with selected horn ewes from Earnscleugh stud.
Poll ewes added since from Flairdale NZ and Grays Hills.
Sires used have been from Grays Hills, Centre Plus, Lorelmo, Petali, Roseville  Park, Longford, and Coromandel.


To increase wool weight, hold micron, increase fertility to 140%, improve carcass and growth to 12 months. Moderate mature size on a plain bodied sheep. Wool type aim is a long stapled, free growing, nourished heavy cutting type suitable for Ice Breaker contracts.

Within the Poll Stud there are 2 other lines.

Carcass Line.

Fast growing with muscle and very long staple. Suitable for using as terminals with enough staple length to cut 70 mm before killing at 8 months. Incorporating LoinMax and MyoMax muscle genes.

Fertility Line.

Formed from the highest lambing record ewes and mated to the highest lambing record rams.


Micron   19.1
GFW  5.86 kg (excluding crutchings and 35% 2 tooths with 10 months wool.)


  1. ASBV’s with Merino Select,  Australia.
  2. All lambs recorded to sire and dam.
  3. Wool weights and micron recorded every year. Plus 15 months on sale rams.
  4. Staple strength on 11 month shearing.
  5. WEC tested.
  6. Scrotal Measurements.Merino Select
  7. Footrot and Cold tolerance DNA tested.  Sires and selected sale rams.
  8. Carcass scanned.
  9. Ewes classed every year by Sandy MacKirdy, Hamilton, Victoria.
Merino poll stud