Earnscleugh Mermax™


Formed by mating selected large framed plain body commercial and stud ewes to cross bred rams carrying the Loinmax and Myomax muscle genes.
Successive generations have been mated back to pure Merino and DNA
tested with those carrying the genes retained.
This season’s drop are back to 93% Merino blood.


To produce a Poll Merino with acceptable wool in the 19 micron range that can give a dramatic lift in muscle ratio and growth rates with a long staple. Lambs capable of killing at 18 to 20 kg carcass weight and cutting at least 70 mm at 8 months of age.


1. As terminal sires on Merino ewes to increase value of surplus lambs or hoggets by allowing for a higher value fleece and a fast growing carcass.

2. As terminal sires on xbred ewes to produce lambs with a fast growing carcass and high value fleece suitable for NZ Merino Company Smart Wool contracts.


Because there are crosses being mated from 87% Merino to 93% Merino and
87% cross are the last adult ewes with wool shearing data to date, wool
performance is hard to quantify at present.

Shearers at Earnscleugh