Earnscleugh Inverino™


Formed by mating selected twin scanned, large framed plain body commercial ewes to cross bred rams carrying the Inverdale fertility gene and Loinmax and Myomax muscle genes.
Successive generations have been mated back to pure Merino and DNA
tested with those carrying the genes retained.
This season’s drop are back to 93% Merino blood.


To produce a Poll Merino with acceptable wool in the 19 micron range that
can give a dramatic lift in lambing %. 30 to 50% increase.


All 1st cross Inverdale gene ewe progeny carry 1 copy of the gene.
When crossed to rams carrying 1 copy 50% of females will be infertile.

Therefore the potential uses are.
  1. Quick Fix. Increase lambing percentage by using Inverdale gene rams
    and then crossing back to pure Merino in successive generations.
    This will give a 30 to 50% increase in lambing, dropping back to 10%
    in year 10.
  2. Split Flock. Keep 50% of ewes pure merino and mate to Inverdale gene Rams to breed Inverdale gene ewe replacements.
  3. Sell Progeny. Keep a pure Merino flock and use Inverdale gene rams and sell ewe progeny to a specialist fat lamb producer.


Because there are crosses being mated from 87% Merino to 93% Merino and
87% cross are the last adult ewes with wool shearing data to date wool
performance it is hard to quantify at present.

The 75% 2 tooth ewes scanned 180% with no triplets.
Merinos day out