Cattle Policy & Technology

Earnscleugh’s policy has always been to treat the stud cattle in a similar fashion to our High Country clients.

Because of our environment our bulls are younger than most and will not carry the condition of those from more favorable areas. Their genetic ability to pass on growth is not affected and their ability to shift and stay sound is greatly enhanced.

Earnscleugh stud females are run on improved and native, tussock country and after weaning are put out onto high altitude snowgrass blocks (altitude 3500 to 5000 ft.)

Under these conditions cows that do not have a strong constitution, and the ability to walk and forage, will show up and are culled.

To make calf weighing at birth easier cows are held on the flat and fed hay until they calve and then they are shed off and put back on the hill.

Composite, older cows, are run at St Bathans on easier terrain but colder country.

Bulls are weaned onto Oversown tussock country, wintered on brassicas and then finished on grass with hay supplemented prior to sale.

All yearling heifers over 300kg are mated to sychronised AI and followed by one cycle to the bull.

Cows are mated for 63 days to the bull. Some of these are also synchronized AI.

Our policy on all the breeds is to breed cattle with strong maternal traits and constitution. The prime financial driver in cow herds is a live calf every year, from 2 year old heifers on, and cows with good stay ability.

Earnscleugh cattle in natural habitat